castel d’arno guest house


Swimming pool

The pool opens for the summer season, allowing family and friends to enjoy this pleasant space, designed for the enjoyment of children and adults.

Free WiFi

We have a free Wi-Fi service as we understand the importance of being connected in these times.

Free Parking

The tranquility of our guests is very important to us, for this reason a spacious place has been arranged for vehicles that provides security and accessibility.

Airport 12 km

Our strategic position gives us access in less than 15 minutes to Perugia-Sant’Egidio Airport, where international flights from London, Rotterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Bucarest, Tirana, Brindisi, Barcelona, etc. arrive.

Check-in 24 hours

We have the flexibility to offer check-in 24 hours a day, for the peace of mind of customers who travel long distances and do not know the exact arrival time.

Air Conditioning and Heating

We have installed new heating and air conditioning equipment to ensure the comfort of our guests, no matter what time of year they visit us.

External areas

The external areas accompany the medieval experience in the main house of Castel D’Arno where to the 1000 meters of garden and swimming pool, you can add extensive walks along the paths that run through the 30,000 m2 of forest that reach a small stream in the valley. in front of the property, or even by the truffle plantation project in development.

Kitchen Equipment / Barbecue

This beautiful place has a professional kitchen for the use of groups that rent the entire structure in self-management. A new Uruguayan style grill has been prepared, for the enjoyment of expert grillers such as the owner or people who enjoy this exquisite gastronomic and social experiencie.


The house has a laundry area for guests who require this service.